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Crowdsourced security with big bounties

Decentralised bug bounty coverage

Our mission is to incentivise a safe, secure Web3 experience. For decentralised wallets, applications and exchanges.

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How BigBounty works

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Liquidity Providers

  • Choose which decentralised project you want to cover, or select one of our screened pools

  • Stake stablecoins or project tokens

  • Earn yields from coverage fees

Coverage Purchasers

  • Setup a bug bounty program for your project

  • Get a quote and buy bug bounty coverage

  • Easily pay out bounties when bugs are responsibly disclosed


  • Identify which project to research for vulnerabilities

  • Responsibly disclose the bug

  • Get paid a big bounties for your hard work

  • Bounties paid in stablecoins, within minutes and without lockups

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